Working with CUTEst directly

When working with CUTEst, we created a core interface, which is essentially a wrapper for the CUTEst functions. You probably don't want to use that, because the NLPModels interface is much more friendlier, as just as useful. See its tutorial.

CUTEst in Fortran defines functions called with cutest_u* or cutest_c*, for the unconstrained and constrained cases, respectively. For each of those, we dropped the cutest_, so the functions cutest_ufn and cutest_cfn are available as ufn and cfn. To use then you have to convert the types using Cint and Cdouble, and pass arrays because of the underlying pointers in Fortran. In practice, there isn't much improvement in calling these or ccalls, except for the use of the internal cutest_lib.

Only use these functions if you really know what you're doing.

If you want to use these functions, you should still decode the problem as an NLP, by doing

nlp = CUTEstModel("PROBLEM")

Otherwise you'll have to manage the CUTEst library, the decoding, the file unit numbers, OUTSDIF.d, setup, etc.