Julia Smooth Optimizers @ JuliaCon 2023

This year JuliaCon took place at MIT, Cambridge, USA. This year's conference was particularly special, as it marked our first in-person attendance after the previous year’s online edition. Tangi Migot gave a talk titled "Optimization solvers in JuliaSmoothOptimizers" during the JuMP-dev track.

The presentation provided an overview of the significant strides made in continuous nonlinear nonconvex optimization solvers by the Julia Smooth Optimizers (JSO). The heart of our talk revolved around a package called JSOSuite.jl. This new addition to the JSO ecosystem bridges the gap between users and JSO solvers. JSOSuite.jl eliminates the need for users to be familiar with the nuances of various solvers like DCISolver.jl, FletcherPenaltySolver.jl, Percival.jl, RipQP.jl, and more. This leap in user-friendliness simplifies the optimization process and streamlines benchmarking algorithms. Notably, it paves the way for automatic algorithm selection based on specific problem characteristics.

You can check the full talk at the JuliaCon 2023 youtube.

The conference showed an impressive number of contributions to optimization and operations research. One that we could recommend is On solving optimal control problems with Julia that build a complete interface for optimal control using some of JSO packages.